March 11, 2015

Surprise stop by the Jefferson Memorial

I’m excited to be joining the National Press Photographer’s Northern Short Course for the next couple of days in Fairfax, VA. Decided to visit the Jefferson Memorial on the way over to watch the transformation of a great evening sky. Spring is in the air!
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Summer Road Trips

Tobi enjoying a burger at Gilli's Drive-In. Prince Edward Island, Canada

Tobi enjoying a burger at Gilli’s Drive-In. Prince Edward Island, Canada

The rush of warm wind on a sunburned arm is something that only comes after days on the open road, and I’m loving every minute of a roadtrip to Canada with my sidekick Tobi. I enjoyed taking this photo as much as Tobi loved the burger. Enjoy the dog days 🙂

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During a recent trip to South Carolina I was fortunate to come across the most impressive collection of Oak trees I’ve ever seen. More photos from the hour of shooting can be found on my Facebook page while I work to post them on the website.

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Marketing Tool

I’ve been seeing them everywhere, so I used a free QR Code (Quick Response) generator from the Android Market to create this website link for scanning. While this simple application may only be useful to smartphone users it looks like a great marketing tool. The next business cards I make will include my “contact” code on either the front or back of the card. If you have a smartphone download a QR Scanner and try it out!

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Box turtles jump?

 After finding this juvenile box turtle in the swimming pool I decided to keep an eye on him for a few days and take some photos. When I first noticed him swimming I thought it was an enormous beetle (still looking for my glasses).

The setup included a light box with 2 lamps directed at the front of the turtle. I also used a piece of black/white mat board which worked nicely as a smooth background when curved. Shot with Nikon D90 and 18-105 lens at f/ 5.6, 1/60 sec, ISO 200. After a few photos I found that unlike other turtles I’ve caught and photographed, juveniles have a tendency to move a lot. In fact, this little guy literally jumped more than once. More photos can be seen on my Facebook Page.

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